Petco : The Power of Together
Miller Genuine Draft : Pure MGD Campaign
Petco : New Low Price Campaign
Lean Cuisine: 100% Chance of Grain
Petco : Buster Petco Certified Nutrition Campaign
Nestle Treasures : Get Yourself Into Truffle
Crew FC : 2009 Returning Heroes Campaign
Nestle Candy + American Idol : Feed Your Obsession
Miller High Life : Fleet Week Military Appreciation Ads
Miller High Life : Gold Medal Campaign
Von Dutch Originals : Fashion Brand and Product Launch
Columbus Blues Alliance : Intro Campaign
Petco : What We Feed Them Matters Campaign
Tollhouse Swirled Morsels : Tea Party
Miller High Life: Classic Ads + Posters
MGD : Pure MGD Cold-Filtered Ad Campaign
Columbus Crew FC : Downtown Impact
Stouffer's Corner Bistro : Product Launch Ad
MGD : SI Swimsuit Cold-Filtered Ad
Dewar's : Now Arriving at Airpubs
Tollhouse : Shapes Nestlekins Campaign
Miller Genuinue Draft : Colf-Filtered
Carnation Evaporated Milk : Ordinary Extraordinary Ad
Dark Raisinets : New Product Launch Ad
Common Sense Coalition : MLK Jr Day Advertising
Columbus Crew FC : Freeway Exit Outdoor
Laurel Hill Bistro : Product Launch Campaign
Columbus Sports Network : Launch Advertising
Max & Erma's : A Better Place to Eat Outdoor
Max & Erma's : Outdoor Campaign
Zipatoni : B2B New Business Advertising
Wonka : The Golden Egg
Max & Ermas : 3 Degrees of Temptation Outdoor
Miller High Life : Harley Davidson 100 Year Celebration
Miller + Harley Davidson : Born to Be Miller Time
Nestle Jingles : Oh What Fun Ad
Columbus Crew SC : Blackout the Galaxy
Encore Capital : Encore Extra Launch Campaign
Petco : Natural Has a New Address Campaign
Petco : PetcoNow Delivery Launch Campaign
Miller Lite : Jersey Shore Beach Ads + OOH
Columbus Crew SC : Rock & Roll Campaign
Petco Timesquare NASDQ Digital Board
Petco : Where the New York Pets Go
Crew FC : Playoff Ticket Digital Adverti
Crew FC : Blackout the Galaxy
Columbus Crew FC : Branding and Advertising
Columbus Crew SC : The Blackout
Petco : WholePets Campaign
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