Nestle Candy : American Idol Watch and Win
T-Mobile Tuesdays Eclipse Sunglasses Product & Promo
Miller High Life : Here's to the Real Heroes
Bacardi Limon : On & Off Premise
Stouffer's Dinner Challenge + Website
Wonka : Every Hour Every Day
Butterfinger : Bonnaroo Comedy Promotion
Bank One : Target Partnership
Tostitos : Chris Elliot Now's a Good Time
Lay's + Wavy's Lays : NFL on FOX Fanatical Fan Contest
Tollhouse : Shapes Nestlekins Campaign
Petco : 50th Anniversary Retail + Corporate Celebration
Lean Cuisine + Komen Culinary Lunch Bags
Stouffer's : Adventures of the Traveling Spatula
Petco : Reptile Rally
Dewar's : Conquer the Highlands
Petco : Natural Has a New Address (Pre-Rebrand)
VSX Sport Launch : Consumer VIP Promotion
Petco / Lucasfilm: Star Wars Pet Fans Collection
Petco Holiday : Crazy About Pets
Petco Holiday : Joy. Love. Pets.
Lean Cuisine : Spa Cuisine "100% Chance of Grain"
Coffeemate : Join the Counter Culture
Petco : PetcoNow Delivery Creation + Launch
Chase : Spring Home Loan Event
Nestle Confections : Napster Promotion + Experience
Miller High Life : Spring Kit Car Promotion
MyVitro: Brand and Product Launch, Branding + Marketing
Bacardi Limon : Holiday Promo, Merch, and Packaging
Infoedge : Secret Supervention
Betty Crocker Crayola Kids Back-to-School
Stouffer's : Easy Express Family Fun Tour
Lean Cuisine : Wellness Tour
Unleashed : Surfdog Competition
Coffeemate : Coffee Artfully Prepared
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