Miller High Life : American Road
MGD : Pure MGD Cold-Filtered Ad Campaign
Bacardi Limon : On & Off Premise
Dewar's : Now Arriving at Airpubs
Tropico : Halloween Promotion
Miller Label 12 : New Infusion Brewed Product Launch
Miller High Life : Here's to the Real Heroes
Bacardi Limon : Style + Trial Branding + Promotion
Bacardi : House Party Drink Recipes
Miller High LIfe : Brand Marketing
Miller High Life: Classic Ads + Posters
MGD + SI Swimsuit : Cold-Filtered Contest
Tropico : On + Off-premise Trial Marketing and Display
Miller : GT Summer Racing Promotion
MGD : Solo Con Invitacion Apparel
Miller High Life : Spring Kit Car Promotion
Miller High Life : Harley Davidson Anniversary
Bacardi Rum : Drink Recipe On / Off-Premise Materials
Miller and Harley : 100 Years Celebration
Dewar's : Beisball Promocion
MGD : The Cold Filter Poster
Dewar's : Football Promotions
Dewar's : Conquer the Highlands
Miller Lite / NFL : Texas Teams On-Premise Presence
MGD : Blind Date "Atlantis"
Miller Genuine Draft : 4 – The Seasons of Sound Tour
MGD : Solo Con Invitacion
Miller : Rolling Stone 50 Years of Rock
Dewar's : Dewar's. Rocks.
Miller Lite : New Orleans Jazz On-Premise Presence
MGD Music : Blind Date Experience
MGD : Vibe Factory Tour
Miller : MGM Halloween
Miller : Rellim Music Tour
MGD : Pure MGD Experience Ticket Mannequin
MGD Music : Blind Date Alcatraz
Dewar's 12: Branded Baseball Jersey, Hat and Ball
MGD + DEF JAM : Promotional CDs
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